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Virtual Tour of Dubai in 3D

Friday, July 22, 2005

The citizens of Dubai and potential tourists will soon be able to roam freely across the city from the comfort of their home without having to bare the sun.

Sounds like a dream come true ? With the help of Dubai Muncipality GIS Center anyone with an Internet Connection and a Web browser and prefferably a fast broadband internet connection can acccess a Three Dimensional modelling representation of the entire city.

Each building and 3D object will be clickable and interactive.

This type of visual medium offers unlimited advertising potential and is sure to attract a large number of sponsors.

"The guide will offer an interactive 3D view of Dubai. Virtual movement within the emirate, through the internet site www.dubai3d.net will also be possible," said Mohammad Al Zaffine, director of the Municipality's Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Centre.

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Seat belt regulations tightened by Dubai Traffic Police Department

Under a statement released by Brigadier Mohammad Saif Al Zafein, Director of the Dubai Traffic Police Department several new stringent regulations have been put across to the drivers of the Emirate.

The statement is directed to drivers carrying children as passengers. It stated that drivers allowing children under the age of 10 to sit in the front seat of the car would be fined Dhs. 100 and be given four black points on their license. The proposed addition of the black points is considered to be a further step to discourage this violation.

Incurring twelve black points on a license will cancel the license and not suspend it as per standard beliefs.

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Sheikh Zayed Road accident hurts two

After a speeding driver crashed his car into the middle of the temporary construction works taking place on Sheikh Zayed Road the driver and his passenger had to be rushed to Rashid hospital.

The accident is said to have taken place after the interchange near the Al Barsha Traffic Department. The cause of the accident is confirmed to have been nothing but rash and reckless speeding.

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Whale Shark spotted in Dubai

(Seems like Dubai has become a tourist spot for other creatures also, u get to see on land reptiles (Pythons) and now water reptiles....hmmm.... lets wait and see maybe an Alien and predator from other planets could be next ?)

Dubai: A whale shark remains trapped at Dubai Marina since early yesterday morning after various attempts to guide it back out to the Gulf failed.

Authorities have thus decided to let it find its own way home.

Security staff at the marina spotted the shark at around 7am swimming in the waters close to Spinneys.

Police and coastguard boats created sound barriers with their launches to try and drive the shark away but after a few attempts, it was decided to try and put the shark in a net and drag it out to sea.

The net was deemed too small, however, and Dubai police have now decided to let the whale shark finds its own way out.

Harmless but biggest fish in the world.

According to marine scientist Laura Bates, who is working in Dubai and saw the shark yesterday at Dubai Marine, the whale shark can grow to about 14 metres.

"The one today was a juvenile. Whale sharks are the biggest fish in the world and are harmless to humans. Usually they're about half a metre in length at birth, so this one wasn't that young, but certainly not as big as some of the adults that have been seen.

It had a couple of large remora under its belly sucker fish that attach and cruise along for the ride."

Bates said the mouth extends the whole width of the flattened head.

Whale sharks feed on plankton and small fish.

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Palm Jumeirah completion Severly Delayed

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Bad news has surfaced for investors of Palm Jumeirah. Nakheel the company undertaking the project that had promised completion and handing over of properties by the end of this year has announced that work on the project will not be completed for another year.

Nakheel seems to be losing its reputation and scaring away investors with the completion of only one project to date on time, The Gardens (something that is of inferior quality as a personal opinion).

The delay has been announced only four months from the completion date and as per a statement released by Nakheel no compensation will be paid.

Property owners have been informed of a revised payment schedule, which has been restructured to the benefit of owners, with remaining payment spread out over the period up until completion,” said Nakheel.

Along the same beach where the Palm Deira where work is being completed 50 million cubic metres of sand, equivalent to 50 per cent of that used on the Palm Jumeirah has been excavated thus far. The 14 kilometre long coastline being built is being billed by Nakheel as a new city within the emirate of Dubai, and will house upwards of 500,000 people when it is completed sometime during 2008, according to figures released by Nakheel. Will Nakheel be able to keep up to the estimate this time ? Only time can tell.

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Snake show at Ibn Battuta

Friday, July 15, 2005

The Snake Oasis show at Ibn Battuta Mall features one of the most rare species of snakes and has recently been a great attraction to the visitors of the mall. Visitors are given the opportunity to hold these snakes and take photographs with them.

Being a featured attraction of the Dubai Summer Surprises 2005, Ibn Battuta Mall is hosting a specially designed forest in China Court, showcasing 17 rare varieties of snakes.

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Man run over on Emirates Road

A pedestrian crossing the road was run over by a white Nissan Patrol (registration details witheld) while crossing the Emirates Road earlier last evening.

Police blame the pedestrian who escaped with average injuries and the driver of the vehicle has been released from custody.

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Construction work on Jumeirah Beach Road

Since construction work began at the Jumeirah Beach Road since over a month the residents and shop owners in the area have been exposed to great inconvinience.

The lack of parking spaces that previous existed that are now replaced by plastic cones and construction pits cause motorists to park on the hard shoulder and footpaths.

Small businesses such as groceries and sheeshas are losing out on customers due to the road works such as road broadening and cable laying.

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Rolls Royce Anyone ?

Burj al Arab the pride of Dubai with its fleet of Rolls Royce Silver Seraphs lined up in all its glamour

Fleet of Rolls Royce Silver Seraphs

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Modern divorce law to give women Divorce Rights

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Quoting a Feminist Ethics Project by the Brandeis University,

A woman has almost no grounds for obtaining a divorce provided her husband has consummated the marriage. She cannot be divorced from him even if he fails to support her, abuses her, or is imprisoned for life. If he is declared missing, she may indeed have the marriage dissolved (on grounds of presumed widowhood) at the time when he would have turned 90. Maliki law, by contrast, allows her to seek divorce for non-support, abandonment, and the broad charge of “injury” (darar), which can be physical or otherwise.

Of course with the advent of technology and modern times Women have been gaining more rights and the honourable courts of law have been more lenient in the case of granting divorce.

Rapidly advancing societies and their goverments such as UAE plan to implement laws that give rights to women to end their marraiges after paying suitable compensation (and dowry) to their husbands.

Until now only Tunisia and Egypt were the only Islamic states to have such laws. But such a move by the government of United Arab Emirates should serve as inspiration to other GCC states to put in action similar laws.

The draft law contains 363 articles and is divided into five chapters on marriage, legal competence, guardianship, will, inheritance and endowment.

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UAE to set free Expats from Sponsorship Bonding laws

UAE along with most GCC member countries has long been notorious and been known to bond its expatriates in a vice like grip not letting them change jobs at will.

Over the past few years improvement has been seen and job positions such as Managers and Computer Professionals have been exempted from such a requirement requiring them to leave the country and be enforced a job ban before changing employers and hence their visa.

Recently the UAE Government is considering allowing exapts from all job categories to have open sponsorship transfers.

Just when this sounded too true to be good they put forth a further condition requiring a No Objection Certificate (NOC) before such a sponsorship transfer can be formed. This requirement would not give the party at concern in no significantly different position as the employer holds the final say on as to whether to release the employee or force them to quit (which leaves them with a six month ban in any case).

This law would however benifit scores of workers that fall under the unskilled labour category such as labourers which have in the past not been allowed to perform such a job change.

At present the transfer facility is open an unlimited number of times to certain graduates and post graduates, who must remain at least one year with the original employer and must obtain its approval.

Number of transfers
Minimum service period
One year
Two years
Three years

Think it is a good idea to ensure and encourage educated professionals to have more priviliges after all it serves as an initiative for youths to pursue their education.

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