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Modern divorce law to give women Divorce Rights

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Quoting a Feminist Ethics Project by the Brandeis University,

A woman has almost no grounds for obtaining a divorce provided her husband has consummated the marriage. She cannot be divorced from him even if he fails to support her, abuses her, or is imprisoned for life. If he is declared missing, she may indeed have the marriage dissolved (on grounds of presumed widowhood) at the time when he would have turned 90. Maliki law, by contrast, allows her to seek divorce for non-support, abandonment, and the broad charge of “injury” (darar), which can be physical or otherwise.

Of course with the advent of technology and modern times Women have been gaining more rights and the honourable courts of law have been more lenient in the case of granting divorce.

Rapidly advancing societies and their goverments such as UAE plan to implement laws that give rights to women to end their marraiges after paying suitable compensation (and dowry) to their husbands.

Until now only Tunisia and Egypt were the only Islamic states to have such laws. But such a move by the government of United Arab Emirates should serve as inspiration to other GCC states to put in action similar laws.

The draft law contains 363 articles and is divided into five chapters on marriage, legal competence, guardianship, will, inheritance and endowment.

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