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UAE to set free Expats from Sponsorship Bonding laws

Thursday, July 14, 2005

UAE along with most GCC member countries has long been notorious and been known to bond its expatriates in a vice like grip not letting them change jobs at will.

Over the past few years improvement has been seen and job positions such as Managers and Computer Professionals have been exempted from such a requirement requiring them to leave the country and be enforced a job ban before changing employers and hence their visa.

Recently the UAE Government is considering allowing exapts from all job categories to have open sponsorship transfers.

Just when this sounded too true to be good they put forth a further condition requiring a No Objection Certificate (NOC) before such a sponsorship transfer can be formed. This requirement would not give the party at concern in no significantly different position as the employer holds the final say on as to whether to release the employee or force them to quit (which leaves them with a six month ban in any case).

This law would however benifit scores of workers that fall under the unskilled labour category such as labourers which have in the past not been allowed to perform such a job change.

At present the transfer facility is open an unlimited number of times to certain graduates and post graduates, who must remain at least one year with the original employer and must obtain its approval.

Number of transfers
Minimum service period
One year
Two years
Three years

Think it is a good idea to ensure and encourage educated professionals to have more priviliges after all it serves as an initiative for youths to pursue their education.

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