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Virtual Tour of Dubai in 3D

Friday, July 22, 2005

The citizens of Dubai and potential tourists will soon be able to roam freely across the city from the comfort of their home without having to bare the sun.

Sounds like a dream come true ? With the help of Dubai Muncipality GIS Center anyone with an Internet Connection and a Web browser and prefferably a fast broadband internet connection can acccess a Three Dimensional modelling representation of the entire city.

Each building and 3D object will be clickable and interactive.

This type of visual medium offers unlimited advertising potential and is sure to attract a large number of sponsors.

"The guide will offer an interactive 3D view of Dubai. Virtual movement within the emirate, through the internet site www.dubai3d.net will also be possible," said Mohammad Al Zaffine, director of the Municipality's Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Centre.

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