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Whale Shark spotted in Dubai

Friday, July 22, 2005

(Seems like Dubai has become a tourist spot for other creatures also, u get to see on land reptiles (Pythons) and now water reptiles....hmmm.... lets wait and see maybe an Alien and predator from other planets could be next ?)

Dubai: A whale shark remains trapped at Dubai Marina since early yesterday morning after various attempts to guide it back out to the Gulf failed.

Authorities have thus decided to let it find its own way home.

Security staff at the marina spotted the shark at around 7am swimming in the waters close to Spinneys.

Police and coastguard boats created sound barriers with their launches to try and drive the shark away but after a few attempts, it was decided to try and put the shark in a net and drag it out to sea.

The net was deemed too small, however, and Dubai police have now decided to let the whale shark finds its own way out.

Harmless but biggest fish in the world.

According to marine scientist Laura Bates, who is working in Dubai and saw the shark yesterday at Dubai Marine, the whale shark can grow to about 14 metres.

"The one today was a juvenile. Whale sharks are the biggest fish in the world and are harmless to humans. Usually they're about half a metre in length at birth, so this one wasn't that young, but certainly not as big as some of the adults that have been seen.

It had a couple of large remora under its belly sucker fish that attach and cruise along for the ride."

Bates said the mouth extends the whole width of the flattened head.

Whale sharks feed on plankton and small fish.

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