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Al Safa Project, To Include 800 Meter Canal and 10 Floor Hotel

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Dubai Municipality plans to build a 100 hectare real estate project at Al Safa area in Dubai which will be a housing and recreational property development built with modernity combining traditional features of Arabia in it.The new development will be in the Al Safa Area in Dubai

The real estate development which will incorporate the traditional water channel system and a big lake surrounded by restaurants, office and residential complexes, will provide investment opportunities. "It will include a recreational commercial axis for pedestrians, called the Pedestrian Promenade, to be constructed along an 800-metre stretch of a water canal. The promenade will serve as centre point of commercial and recreational attraction. Residents will be able to use boats as a mode of transport and leisure. There will be separate areas for cars and pedestrians".

The work on the infrastructure development of the area, between Al Wasl and Shaikh Zayed Road is expected to begin soon. The project will offer a unique opportunity to investors. Tenders will soon be offered to invite investors to build houses, offices, schools, sports complex, hotel, hospital and recreational and shopping facilities. But they have to follow designs given by the Municipality.

The hotel will be an ground plus 10 storeys tall while residential and commercial buildings will be ground plus three storeys.

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