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Developments in Abu Dhabi

Sunday, November 27, 2005

This will be devoted to project developments and urban project in Abu Dhabi.

The Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority has approved investment packages to build 4,000 hotel rooms in three years as part of its plan to add 17,000 rooms by 2015, the chief of the authority said yesterday.

At least 17,000 additional rooms are needed by 2015, according to the chief. Hotel construction is a critical component for growth.

Currently, Abu Dhabi has 8,000 hotel rooms.

The authority recently approved investment packages for 4,000 new hotel rooms to be delivered in three years. About 2,000 hotel rooms have entered the first stage in the licensing process and the momentum will soon pick up.

About six to seven four- and five-star hotels will be built to add the 4,000 new rooms.

A major Abu Dhabi group is constructing a hotel and furnished apartments along with Shangri La Hotels.He said the authority would also develop Saadiyat island and other zones with residential, leisure and tourism complexes. Details will be made public shortly, he said. The growth in tourism sector will also stimulate the retail sector.

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