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Truck Driver Jailed For Negligence

Saturday, December 31, 2005

A Dubai court yesterday sentenced a truck driver to two months in prison for causing an accident in which two other motorists were crushed to death. Mudather Shah was also ordered to pay dhs400,000 to the families of the victims.

Last month, the Pakistani driver for World Wide Express Transport was driving at excessive speed by Deira City Centre when he lost control of his articulated lorry, causing the container that the vehicle was carrying to come off and crush a Dubai Transport taxi, instantly killing the taxis driver Hisham Jamal El Deen, 36 and its passenger Tamer Abdul-Haleem, both Egyptians.

The 40 tonne container had not been secured properly to the vehicle. 'Even though the prosecutors have asked for a more severe sentence, I have tried to take your circumstances into account,' Judge Ali Al Thahabi told the 23-year-old defendant yesterday.

A court source said yesterday that if Shahs employer World Wide Express insurance company does not pay the blood money, or diya, he could remain in jail well after he serves his two month sentence.

'Often, in similar cases, the government or charitable individuals step in to help defendants pay,' he added.

The source also said that the Public Prosecutor could still appeal the case to see that Shah receives a more severe sentence because 'the deaths were caused by the drivers lack of responsibility and total disregard for human life'.

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