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Burj Al Alam sets sights on being three-time world record breaker

Friday, April 21, 2006

Those in charge of creating the world’s tallest commercial tower – the Burj Al Alam – have three more records in their sights.

Latest plans reveal the giant structure will hopefully contain the highest restaurant, the highest spa and a hotel with the most lofty views anywhere across the globe.

But chiefs say that if somebody else attempts to nab the overall crown of tallest commercial tower, they will not attempt to top them with an extra antenae.

Yesterday, the details were revealed and, typically, it did not pass off without a world record being set as the tallest ice sculpture in the world was unveiled in the form of a 40-foothigh model of the Burj Al Alam.

Burj Al Alam, unveiled this week, has three records pencilled in its blueprints.

“It will have the world’s highest restaurant, complete with a garden, the world’s highest spa and the highest situated hotel,” said Syed Mohammed Ali, chief executive of the building’s developers, Fortune Group.

The skyscraper in the Business Bay area of Dubai is designed to resemble a crystal flower. It is to become one of the world’s tallest buildings, only 28 metres below the current tallest,Taipei 101.

The Burj Al Alam, being developed by the Fortune Group, a Dubai-based contracting and investment firm, will stand at 108 storeys (482 metres).

Imran Hanif, sales and marketing director of Fortune Group, said: “The top 10 towers in the world that are complete or under construction are unlike this one. The Taipei 101, for instance, has an antenna making it currently the tallest. Freedom Tower has an antenna on one side.We won’t be adding any antennae on the top. Our unique design does not permit that.” The building has a façade of blue reflective glass, formed from six distinct shafts thinning at the centre.The entire building flares out at the top and the bottom.

“The architects had a real challenge because the floor space reduces to 20,000sq ft in the cen tre before flaring out to 28,000sq ft at the top,” Hanif said.

The building features a sixstorey “crown” that consists of a sky garden, Turkish bath, club facilities and a helipad. Each office floor plate is divided into six “petals”.

The building will have retail outlets on the ground levels, 74 storeys will be dedicated to offices, while 27 storeys will be taken up by hotels. Burj Al Alam will be completed by 2009.

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