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Dubai develops worlds first robotic car park

Monday, May 01, 2006

Dubai Municipality yesterday inaugurated its first robotic car park in Deira.

Hussain Nasser Lootah, Acting Director General of Dubai Municipality, said: ' This is the first of many such car parks in Dubai. ' The automatic car park, located behind the Inter Continental Hotel on Al Maktoum Street, will operate on an experimental basis for six months.

' During office hours, the parking facility will be restricted to Dubai Municipality officials and after that it will be free for public [use], ' said Lootah.

After the six-month period, the municipality will open the car park to the public and decide on appropriate parking charges.

The pillar-like structure utilises a minimal amount of land area, just 7.5 square metres and can accommodate 16 cars.

Essa Al Maidour, Assistant Director General for General Projects Affairs, said: ' The design of the structure looks like a multi-storied pillar that can contain a large number of cars, ' he said.

East and West Robotics LLC, a robotic car park design and manufacturing firm had worked since May 2005 to complete this model project.

Members of the public do not even need an instruction manual to operate the car park. Nicholas Fuad Amiouni, Design and Production Manager of East and West Robotics, said: ' Instead of a human attendant, an artificially intelligent system controller is initiated through the touch-tone of a mobile phone. It needs only a missed call to park a car and another to retrieve and drive away. It takes only 15 seconds to park a car, ' said Amiouni.

Once a missed call is placed on the system, a platform is then provided for the calling motorists car. After the car is on the platform and the motorist has stepped away from it, the car is automatically sent to a preassigned, vacant parking spot.

To get the car back, simply place another missed call.

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  • and what if you forgot a paper in the car and wanna get it? lower the car again, then lift up once more.. when this parking is charged (paid), this may double your payment..

    Also, the question came to my mind: is it really safe in case a fire breaks out in one of the parked cars? wow.. I imagine the pillar will act as a bomb or, probably, a space shuttle ;)

    Sam -/-

    By Anonymous Sam Hbous, at 12:18 PM  
  • Parking is free remember ?

    If fire breaks out claim insurance ;)

    By Blogger Vikram, at 1:55 PM  
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